Neon Black Clothing strongly believes in surrounding ourselves with talented individuals with a drive to succeed not only in business but in personal character as well. We have many sponsorships and partnerships with artists within the united states including...

Bambu Jessica

*Performer *Alt Model *Suicide Girl *Reality TV Personality
Live Performances: 
Bambu Has Toured Europe with Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque,Fuel Girls and Masters of Dirt Motor Sports. As well as Nationwide Tour with Dj Bl3nd, Jameson Whisky and her own Headlining Shows. 
Performed for 3 ongoing/weekly shows on the Las Vegas strip. 
As well as Electronic Music Festivals, Nightclubs, Casino's, and Events Globally!

Published/Print Work:
Bambu is a Published Model and has appeared in :
RollingStones, Billboard Magazine, Hustler, Bizarre Magazine, Tattoo International Magazine, Seven Magazine, Las Vegas Weekly, Status Ink, Inked, Hour, Real Detroit, Detroit Weekly, New York Times, Urban Ink, ERB Magazine, Skin and Ink, Sinner, Savage,Vegas Rocks, ERB Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Icon Motorsports, Metro Times and Suicide

Bambu Jessica has Appeared on networks such as: 
ShowTime, Playboy, Scyfi, E! Entertainment, Fox Reality, TLC, Discovery Channel, CW GSN and Netflix


Zacky T

Zack Toma AKA "Zacky T" is a 20 year old emcee/songwriter/producer from Southern California. He started recording and producing two years ago and spends the rest of his time crafting lyrics. Zacky T counts his major influences as Outkast, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and his fans. He studied a variety of music genres from an early age including the sounds of Motown, R&B, and Soul. Zacky T's fusion of these early influences with the styles of rap icons Tupac and Biggie is now reflected in his own addictive sound





Instagram @ZackyT949


Twitter @ZackyTRhymes


Hip-Hop group from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The group D.S.B was formed in 2009 with the three members Anthony Porter (A.P), Cameron Inniss (Cam Fresh), and Mani Herring (Merk). D.S.B stands for Dark Side Boys which is why the debut mixtape released summer of 2011 is called " Come To The Darkside ".




Dj Ell


Today, DJ Ell has been seen from MTV, to performing for Red Bull as well as tours, and opening/ performances with many celebrity artists such as Lil Jon, Wale, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), Black Cobain, The Deans List, Twista, Chris Webby, Bei Maejor, Big Sean, XV, Obie Trice, Big K.R.I.T., Three 6 Mafia, Taylor Gang, Finally Famous, and Young Money, to name a few, and also old school legends as Mc Lyte, Raekwon and Cymarshall Law. 

Unlike most DJs in the game, who only play one genre of music, DJ Ell has played a wide range of events, concerts and festivals from opening for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF) to Vans Warped Tour.


Official DJ For: Gameboi, D.S.B


Hip-Hop DJ 

J Marytr


In 1985 J Martyr was born and raised in Sturgis Kentucky. At age 16 he recorded his first song but never made it public. After high school J Martyr decided to attend Western Kentucky University to obtain a bachelors in psychology, sociology, and a minor in criminology. While there, he got into a graduate school sociology program and attended for one semester. He then dropped out of graduate school to pursue his dream to be one of the greatest artists ever and to obtain a Grammy.
J Martyr will reach the masses with his music, he has the ability to reach very young children and older adults, he can attract a wide ranged audience. What separates J Martyr from other rappers is his unique flow and wordplay, he is very melodic and can be understood by anyone, this makes him very marketable. Also, J Martyr has a very funny personality and that can be heard throughout his music, all the fun he is having and his love for music can be witnessed in his work.
​J Martyr has an incredible work ethic, he works very hard and gives his all. He has a great ability to create catchy hooks and bars which will capture listeners. He is ahead of his time and has a great understanding of the world, which is a result of his education. Another skill J Martyr possesses is his understanding of what it takes to make good music and good songs, the way he has analyzed music of every genre and used it to make his music better can also been seen.
​Currently J Martyr is performing in college venues in Kentucky, making a name for himself in Tennessee, Cincinnati, and expanding in Jacksonville Florida & eventually nationwide & internationally. With major digital distribution with industry giant THE ORCHARD, CKE/UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, Souljah Family Records & promotion by premier marketing firm , J.MARTYR is on his way!
He truly is what happens when college meets the streets!!

Contact Info:
Clifton Garnett 1-270-952-6303 email:


Wyatt Bock aka "VonBock" is an artist who has been in the industry for over 7 years. His talent ranges from mixing, producing, and mastering tracks that always seem to get better one after the other. One key that he always strives for, is expanding his knowledge withing the music industry, trying to understand and learn as many different style and techniques as possible. Currently working to start his own studio, VonBock is putting his dreams into full effect. These dream will certainly come tru if he continues with his solid work ethic and strong belief in himself. VonBock, an artist with a drive who continues to pursue his vision. Stay tunes and keep a look out for this talented individual.










John Phelps aka JPhelpz is known for creating heavy dubstep smashers with his own variety of robotic, mechanical sounds melded with the dark, swampy side of the bass music stratosphere gives him a sound reminiscent of familiar names such as Funtcase, Getter, Persist, Mantis, and the like that brought together in a uniquie way. Giving his music a unique flavor that's all his own. Along with a number of free singles, JPhelpz has boasted a laundry list of big releases on respected labels such os Firepower, Xenomorph, Prime Audio, Abducted Records, Lightyear Audio, and so on. With no sign of stopping anytime soon in sight(and even more confirmed releases coing up in the near future), there is no doubt JPhelpz is bound to be a househole name for fello bassheads this year.


Born in England, but residing in Atlanta, 13 year old Riven, aka Brice Johns, has been producing dub step since he was 11. Known for his smooth transitions and melodic, deep, wonky sounds, Riven has recently jumped into the EDM scene full force in 2013 and has been on the rise ever since. Being fortunate enough to study under production master MUST DIE!, he has the ability to pull from multiple genres and incorporate these sounds into his production of sinister dubstep tracks. Receiving major support from dubstep powerhouse Datsik, the hype is real. Riven has shared the stage with Zeds Dead, MUST DIE!, Xilent, 50 Carrot, Coffi, Soloman, Bro Safari,The M Machine, Shogun, Heroes X Villains, JPhelpz, Splitbreed, K Theory, Huglife, Thugli, and At Dawn We Rage. With popular tracks already out on Soundcloud and an EP in the works to be released this summer, Riven will continue to bring his dark dub step sounds to a venue near you!!!
twitter: @thedjriven
Instagram: djriven

DJ Louke

Jameall “LOUKE” Thomas grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. Played professional paintball for 
5years. After going to his first MASSIVE in Miami for Ultra Music Festival he began to get
involved more with the EDM world. He then moved to Orange County and met several
other inspiring DJ/Producers and ventured toward being a DJ/Producer. With learning the
trade eventually started playing at local Bars and Clubs in Orange County area

Instagram & Twitter @keepitlouke

Surface Freakz

 Surface Freakz is a combination of the chill Florida vibes of Rob Bello & the high velocity, main room evil of Joe Cozzo. Together, Surface Freakz blends a Ying & Yang spectrum of these two artists in a unique balance of emotion & rhythm.

Record Labels:

Nervous Records - NYC
Electrified Mindz - FL
TechTribal Records - PA
Subwoofer Records - Italy
418 Music - PA
Making You Dance Records - Miami
Maintain Replay Records - Spain
InHouse Records - NYC


~ 9/21/13 Overground EP - Young Bad Twinz, Raf Allen, Joe Cozzo & Rob Bello of Surface Freakz released on Subwoofer Records Charted # 93 on Beatport Top 100 Techno Releases

~ 11/25/13 Don't Let Go feat Angela Devine EP released on 418 Music Debut   # 23 Progressive  # 26 House  # 41 Tech House on Beatport Top 100 Releases
             11/29/13    # 10 Progressive  # 12 House  #18 Tech House on Beatport Top 100 Releases & # 84 on Beatport Top 100 Releases Overall

~ 3/22/14 Groove Parallel (original) released on Maintain Replay Records debuts at #6 on Hard To Find Records Top 100 Deep House Tracks & #9 on overall tracks 

~ 3/25/14 Under Lord -  Surface Freakz & MojoKfiguero (original) released on Subwoofer Records 2014 WMC Compilation debuts #12 on Beatport Top 100 Hard Techno Releases

~ 3/25/14 MCR feat Lexz Pryde (original) released on 418 Music Mission:Miami WMC Compilation debut #39 on Beatport Top 100 Progressive Releases & #56 on Top 100 House Releases

~ Human (Surface Freakz Balearic Remix) released on Nervous Records hits their #9 spot on Beatport Top 10

~ Mind Over Matter (original) released on Making You Dance Records EP - Invisible Talents hits their #2 spot on Beatport Top 10

~ Don't Let Go (Surface Freakz Remix) released on 418 Music hits their #6 spot on Beatport Top 10

~ Feel So Free (Surface Freakz & Butter In The Pan Remix) released on 418 Music hits their #8 spot on Beatport Top 10

~ Laws Of Silence - Surface Freakz & MojoKfiguero (original) debuts on Making You Dance Records #1 spot on their Beatport Top 10

Support from Marco Carola (Music On), Todd Terry (InHouse Records) Lisa Pure, Jose Nunez & many more.....


~ Owners & Founders of Electrified Mindz Records 
~ Hosts of Electrified Mindz Radio every Monday 9-11pm & Surface Freakz Radio every Wed 8-10pm on Club Radio EDM

~ Beatport
~ Fan Page
~ Twitter
~ Soundcloud

General Manager & Bookings:

Ken Figueroa

J Scott

To this day, J Scott has been DJ’ing since July of 2011.
Having such a passion for music and a large knowledge of the industry he began
training and learning from some of the best in the business. He currently takes classes and interns at Scratch Academy in Miami underneath instructors such as DJ Immortal (2011 and ’12 DMC Finalist) and Bounce (Miami’s Best Nightclub DJ). He plays any music on any
equipment, so whether its vinyl, CDJ’s or controllers, he has enough knowledge
to play and entertain no matter where, or what he’s using.   He has played all sorts of music for many different events and venues, he has also played along side of, and learned from some of the best in the Miami Music Scene including DJ Craze, DJ Thizz, DJ
Smiley(Black-eyed Peas Tour DJ), DJ Immortal, Bounce, Jared Cole, Skinny
Hendrix, Chuey, with many others scattered through there as well.   J Scott is also currently a finalist in the selection process for VH1’s Master of the Mix season 3 set to be aired in 2013. Now that he has progressed into the nightlife scene you should be seeing him involved in a few more music festivals in the coming years.


Facebook pages: - personal - fan page

Soundcloud: - all music updated as I record more mixes all of which are downloadable


instagram username:
@jscott2188 -



I love entertaining my crowd no matter what EDM style, simply just love to make them move! I do house parties, and other special events, please feel free to contact me at

Producer/DJ/Lyricist from Western NC. 

From early 2001, until present, I have mixed breaks, house, dance, and dubstep, and drumstep/dnb sets.

When Daft Punk's first album release Homework was released in 1997 I've been hooked on the electronic sound, and quickly involved myself in production and djing.

Since Middleschool I've been in a number of Harcore/Screamo/Metal bands, and also play bass guitar, so I've alwways loved writing music. Now I DJ, and book shows part owner of the Neon Knights Event Planning and Services, as well as Camp Neon, and Burn Neon.

Metalstep - Dirty Dubstep - Aggressive Electro - Trap

Tusko Records Interview:

Booking info:



Began in the winter of 2009 making small time tracks for local shows and venues. He got his start collaborating with local Djs and then became close with Dj Pinke. His diverse musical style and ability to throw on any track lets him get the party going. He is not bound to one genre with both him mixing and production. AKRONYM resides in Los Angeles, California and spends countless hours working on new material and finding the freshest tracks for his next show.





Instagram: Official_akronym


Twitter: @djAKRONYM



I began my career in the year 2000 attending my first venue at "Nation" in Washington D.C. I instantly fell in love with the music and the scene. After a few trips to "Buzz" I began to become more interested in how the music was made. I purchased my first set of turntables shortly there after. With Jason Myers as my coach I hit the studio learning the trade. Within months I was playing out gigs all over Richmond Va. Shortly after my upcoming, the scene in Richmond took a dive for the worse and I chose to walk away. I stayed absent from the EDM scene for over 10 years. In early 2011 I attending a venue for the first time in years and quickly realized I still had the same passion for the music and couldn't live with myself if I didn't dive back in head first,,.. yet this time I gave 110%. Within a year of my return I had hit several 1000 Person + venues and was travelling all over the east coast. In early 2012 I began producing my own music, falling in love with Psy Trance after witnessing "Digital Mizchief play the most mind blowing set I had ever heard. Since then I have been signed and sponsored by Neon Black and have been rocking stages all over the east coast. In late 2012 I got into the production of hard electro and electro breaks and now with several styles of music, the name Tantrum has become very well known for his un-predictable sets.





Dj Maskk

With over 20 years in the scene and over 10 years as a DJ, Maskk has a love for music and passion to share with the world.
Originating from Danville, VA, worked in clubs as security and management until he found a love for music.
He was taught to spin records and mix in Miami’s (a nightclub in Danville). During this time he was spinning tracks from Rob Bass, Heavy D, Salt and Pepper and Michael Jackson.

Then after moving to Orlando, FL, he was introduced to the Rave Scene, where he met DJ Keoki and then was introduced to the sounds of Sasha and Digweed, Tiesto and Paul Oakenfold.
This was the turning point in his life…….

Later on he moved to California, where he had the priviledge to work with nightclubs like Wildcat(SB), Tonic(SB), Sandbar(SB), One Sunset (LA), Boulevard(LA) and King King(LA) plus others.

Also worked with Hillatious Entertainment and did many broadcast of artists like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Matty Matt, JPatrick, Soren and many others.

Currently living on the east coast and the working with Club Radio EDM!!!


I am a 25 yr old wookie raised in the mtns of western nc...with nothin but time and music....

I am a EAR ATTACK for your HEART... AUDIO fondling your BRAIN...
AND F**KN YOUR senses...
I am A producer/dj for the Neon Knights...
My journey started as a young peanut raised in the south...Going thru tuff times and troubles....
But i have risen as a monster...
Killing the beat and making you move all night.....
Feel like raging then come see me in person and i promise i will leave you shakin....
I have played and been apart of some of the biggest parties/venues/festivals this side of the mississippi :) And more to come..
Since beginning i have now shared the stage with..
Proxy & Lantern
Fast Nasty
And many More to come

Summer Massive
Camp Neon 
Halloween Bash
Before the Hallows
The hickory Takeover
Burn Neon
Camp neon II

∆ DSJR ∆

DJ/Producer Dale Smith Jr. Conspiring those chill vibes and basslines that don't quit. No matter the genre whether it be dubstep, house, or dnb, he sure knows how to get the crowd's feet moving. DJing only with CJDS and a mixer, this man has no need to use a computer anymore, for he lives in the headphones. He has been banging out underground hip hop beats for the past year, creating different sounds, projects, and new friendships in different communities. DSJR has had the pleasure of opening up for artists like Trollphace, Notixx, Anitserum, Mantis, Cookie Monsta, Funtcase, The Floozies, and so many more. Expect more from this one very soon...

Send Music:
All my hip hop beats are currently unreleased awaiting an EP release date... If you would like a couple of those songs let me know, I have electronic mixes on my sound and mixcloud.



Currently residing in Kalamazoo, MI...POPSH!T delivers high energy, bass driven beats combining numerous genres of electronic music including dubstep in all forms and BPM's, indie electro, and electro house. A POPSH!T set is guaranteed to keep you moving from

Dubstep/Bass Musicstart to finish with seamless transitions and innovative scratching techniques.


Dubstep - Bass Music


 Rudeebeatz has come a long way this past year. We have watched him grow from a novice to a serious artist. From his dj skills to his original productions, Rudeebeatz has shown what dedication and perfecting your craft can do for a new artist. Take note because this is a serious rising star that is just getting started!


Electro - House 


Chris Wolford and his insane alter ego Twizm has been in

and out of the EDM scene for 13 years, with his first show ever being a Planet of the Drums party at Buzz @ Nation. He had heard electronic music before, but feeling and hearing those beats and the deep sub basses made him instantly
fall in love with Drum n Bass. A few years and lots of shows later he decided he wanted to be on the other side of the booth. So, he went out and bought 2 Gemini XL500 Series 2 turntables, a Numark DXM06 mixer, records, and all other necessities to DJ and began to practice. The years went by, and not much came of his desire to become a DJ due to his relationship so the dream was placed on the back burner. Years went by with all the desire to perform being bottled up until he is finally freed of his chains. Under the name C-Dub, Chris started dj'ing weddings and other various parties with his cousin until one day he was hanging out with Alan "5ive" Townsend at a bar when he came up with the name Twizm, and an idea is sparked. The idea was to bring the EDM scene to Manassas, VA. They ran with the idea and started a weekly called "Epic" at Tommys Place. The weekly lasted almost 2 months before coming to an abrupt halt due to the owner, so we moved on. After hosting a few more shows in the manassas area, Twizm met more and more people and began to get more bookings. During all this, He was also performing at and co-hosting the epic parties at The Garage of Manassas. He then joined forces with Lunchbox Entertainment and got even bigger and better

He has performed on the same stage as many local, national, and international headliners such as Gambit, Gangsta Fun, Rx, Numbernin6, Mista Hyde, Jae Kennedy, Monsterz Under the Bed, Dirty Nitrous, Frankie Bass, Lantern and Unknown DJ, dStar, Sinistarr, A-Sidez, MC Fats, MC IQ, AK-1200, DJ Dara, Coyote Kisses, Breaker, Silent Killer, Scotto, Captain Panic, Siamese Cyborgz, and many others. Since all of this, Twizm is still a member of LBX, as well as VA's Finest, Underground Massive, 3D Productions, The Bonfire Crew, Higher Powered Entertainment, Sicum Entertainment, and Undead Promo. This DnB and Drumstep junkie will not stop and cannot be stopped until he reaches the top. Knowing that it is hard to make it as just a DJ, Twizm has recently been working.


Drum&Bass - Drumstep


Jynx started his dj career just messing around in the early 90's,With just two 1200's and a mixer he started to build his vinyl collection as fast as his pocket would allow.With inspirations such as Dylan,Baily&Storm,Dara and alot more heavy DNB hitters he would spend his time at nation/buzz,learning from the masters!His real love is jungle,this ADHD dj needs at least 180bpm's to keep him moving at all times.After spinning an playing as a resident dj in the 90's at the factory jynx had to take a break after his 1st child was born.But for the love of his music,he couldn't stay gone forever,now after returning to the scene and having to learn all over again(on cdj's)he has picked it right back up and is coming thru with a passion for his music an spreading the love.So far in his short return jyNx is becoming a hot comodity with his nasty, hard bass hitting, jungle/dnb sound!But he has also been know to throw a lil drumstep, Dubstep an some jump up into the mix,so no matter what your choice your sure to hear it from this man.Jynx has been graced with playing at shows along with AK1200, Dj Dara, Breaker, Silentkiller, AnOdyne, Jay shok, dirty nitrous, gangsta fun, proxxy&Lantern, Digital Mizchief, Bassdread, Trigga Happy and many more to come and too many more to list!!!He would like to thank those who helped him along the way,bonfire crew, lunchbox, members of VA's Finest,81 massive,DTL, Jephcee & J speed (Undergroundmassive), Raging ninja's, Neon Black , Dirty Dubz ent. , Cutter Benson & the Bonfire Crew, and many many more, and all U people who come to the shows and get down. Nothing but love.



      Fresh out of NOVA, a young, talented artist comes at the EDM world with some of the sickest mixes, mashups & overall track selection. He dedicates all his attention on his family & career as a Artist. First introduced to the scene in early 2009 he had always had a passion for this Music and had been musically active for over 20 years, bouncing around to tunes since in the womb. Father passed down his musical talents to him at birth.With many of Genres to offer, this guy can play just about any set for any indoor/outdoor event. Sending that "Underground" vibe to your dancefloor. His favorite genres are *Dnb-JumpUp-Ragga-Jungle-Drumstep-Fidget-Electro House*. You will here all sorts of double drops, breakdrops & BANGERS from this Artist ALL NIGHT LONG!!! Taking lots of time to soak in knowledge from his crew &/or peers paid off & made a great turn in his career. Very thankful to friends and family for all talent passed down, He now returns the favor by throwing down the siiickest sets you will hear in VA/MD area!!!

Dook and D-Rez

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, 22 year old D-Rez and 24 year old Dook, have shared the stage with a variety of acts including Styles and Dyro, Cerdic Gervais, Datsik, Herobust Antiserum Complete, CRNKN, RL Grimes, Clockwork, Switch, and Sex Ray Vision. They have also played with Hello Goodbye, Brenton Duvall, Grime Syndicate, Ill Gates, Stephan Jacobs, and Designer Drugs. Their style consists of a progressive electro feel mixed with vocals everyone can party to.







Interested in becoming a Sponsored Artist? Even if your not a musical artist. Neon Black Clothing is will also be sponsoring athletes. Skaters, BMX, Snowboarding, Surfing, etc. Send us a video to show off your skills as well as a list of upcoming competitions or events you'll be taking a part in.


To all persons looking to be sponsored by Neon Black Clothing, drop us a detailed message telling us a little bit about yourself and where you are looking to take your talents. Also let us know what events you have coming up so we can get someone out to see what you got!



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